Due to tax measures of the new Dutch government, a strong premium increase for all taxi insurances and a decline in the number of customers from my original target group (of  Dutch senior citizens), I have decided to terminate all business activities of De Dagtoertaxi on November 1st, 2018.

Clients and former clients of De Dagtoertaxi (whose names are still in the data base) will be informed separately. 

New reservations can still be made for the period till November 1, and all appointments already made for 2018 will remain as they are.

The website (including my calendar) will stay online till November 1. My email address and my phone number +31-20-6134561 will stay open till the end of 2018.

I want to thank all my clients of the last 15 years for their trust in me, for their positive reviews and recommendations, and last but not least for the pleasure that it gave me to drive them around.


De Dagtoertaxi is rather unique in its own way, so that it is unfortunately not possible to find a successor who can continue the business in exactly the same way and with the same prices.

However, I can recommend a reliable colleague, who has replaced me in the past for long distance rides and day hire, and who is willing to offer his services to former Dagtoertaxi clients after November 1, 2018. Although his rates are higher than the rates of De Dagtoertaxi, they are still reasonable compared to the (meter) rates of most other taxis. It is also possible to make a price appointment in advance with him, so that there will be no surprises.

His car is a spacious and comfortable BMW from the 5 series.

My colleague speaks English and he can inform you about his possibilities. His contact information is as follows:


Arthur Weegeman